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  • Every couple deserves the wedding of their dreams, focused on joy, love, and excitement rather than the burdens of wedding logistics.
  • Communication and honesty are at the foundation of success in every endeavor.
  • The difference between “good” and “great” lies in hard work, attention to detail, and determination.

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Lulu Events is a boutique wedding and event planning organization based in Jacksonville, Florida serving couples all over the United States who desire to get married in Florida and other destinations.

There aren’t enough words to express how helpful and amazing Vicki was, not only on our wedding day but the months leading up to it. She knows what she’s doing and she does it phenomenally! She helped us stay calm during the process and when I was having a few “bridezilla” moments. We’re so grateful for her, she made our wedding day beautiful and perfect!!

vicki blood

meet the owner

Vicki founded Lulu Events in 2020 after the birth of her first daughter with the mission of spending more time with her new family. After 15 years in the restaurant industry, Vicki embodies the qualities of understanding, flexibility, and hard work instilled by her family and honed in the world of hospitality. Her style is laidback and relaxed, living for sweatpants and tanks!

Vicki challenges the misconception that weddings are solely about the couple, emphasizing the importance of cherishing the shared moments with close friends and family. Her valuable advice to engaged couples is to let go of the pursuit of perfection in minor details, understanding that the joy of the day lies in celebrating your love surrounded by the ones closest to you!

When planning a wedding, Vicki is fulfilled by the intricacies of logistics. As the owner of Lulu Events, she excels in management, communication, and support—essential traits in curating exceptional weddings planned with the utmost intention. Her years of experience in restaurant management, bar services, and catering showcases her insight and versatility.




Lead Assistant and Content Creator

Lead bridal Assistant and Content Creator

Content Creator

Social Media and Content Coordinator

Meet Caroline! If you've met her, you know she has an imitable sense of empathy— striving for connection and always willing to lend a helping hand. Caroline's empathic nature stems from her experiences in mission work during childhood and throughout her schooling years, studying Child Psychology with a focus on Religious Studies. Caroline embodies flexibility, communication, and quick thinking as a lead planner. Recognizing the importance of adapting to unforeseen circumstances and maintaining communication with everyone involved, she ensures a smooth flow throughout the day. 

Caroline loves weddings involving the rustic charm of barn settings. The transition from the natural surroundings to a window-filled reception area holds a unique charm for her. Caroline looks forward to the first dance and parent dances, seeing them as precious moments for couples to connect among the busyness on their special day. In her role with Lulu Events, she finds fulfillment in fostering a sense of community within the wedding, whether among vendors, the bridal party, or extended family.

Caroline emphasizes the need for ample time for pre-ceremony and cocktail pictures, especially considering the various elements couples may want to include. Her advice to engaged couples focuses on recognizing that the wedding is a weekend celebration while marriage is a lifetime commitment. Touching base daily, discussing wants and needs, and being open to flexibility ensures a harmonious planning process and a joyous celebration of love.

Meet Susan, our in-house comedian! Susan is a dynamic addition to our team with inarguable ambition and humor. Susan recently graduated from Jacksonville University with a Bachelor's in Psychology. Her educational journey reflects her ambitious nature, setting the stage for her upcoming venture into graduate school! Susan takes immense pride in her ability to make people laugh, aiming to bring joy to those around her, and her selfless character, consistently putting others before herself. A go-getter at heart, Susan embodies ambition, striving to be the best in every goal she sets. Her style reflects her unique taste, while her favorite weddings embrace a beautiful blend of indoor and outdoor settings. The grand reveal of the bride walking down the aisle and the sight of family and friends dancing at the reception are moments Susan eagerly anticipates at weddings.

Susan believes the best weddings can be achieved with any budget! Her advice to engaged couples is to enjoy the planning process, entrusting the stressful aspects to the capable hands of our team! In her role with Lulu Events, Susan finds fulfillment in witnessing couples' creative visions come to life on their special day, ensuring smiles and satisfaction. Susan excels in planning by prioritizing the couple's comfort and efficiency while fostering creativity and flexibility.

Meet Taily, our associate planner with passion and drive like no other! Taily takes immense pride in being loyal, passionate, and optimistic, traits she acquired through diverse life experiences. Fluent in Spanish, Taily has the unique ability to adapt and connect in every setting and interaction. With experience as a venue director, Taily finds fulfillment in making the occasion as easy and flawless as possible for the bride and groom. As a wedding planner with Lulu Events, Taily embodies remarkable leadership, communication, and attention to detail. Taily instills a strong work ethic within our team, emphasizing positive attitudes and clear communication at every opportunity.

Taily's style, described as simple, clean, and minimalistic, reflects her elegant and timeless taste. Her favorite weddings lean towards indoor settings, envisioning a white ambiance with a touch of gold, ideally near water. The allure of a great DJ or band to set the stage for a night of dancing and celebration adds the perfect touch. Taily looks forward to the emotional moments of the mother-son dance and father-daughter dance, finding herself moved to tears each time. She emphasizes the uniqueness of each couple's preferences and the flexibility in structuring the day. Her advice to engaged couples centers on savoring the day's fleeting beauty, encouraging couples to pause and enjoy the experience amidst the whirlwind to ensure a truly memorable wedding day.

Meet Alexa! After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing focused in Digital Marketing and Analytics from the University of North Florida, Alexa has proven herself as a top achiever with various distinctions such as magna cum laude and honors in her major. Alexa takes immense pride in her empathy, strategic thinking, and dedication. With our team, Alexa embodies leadership, strategic thinking, and communication in her position.

Alexa's style is a mix of the simplicity of sleek neutrals and a garden tea party aesthetic with delicate details. When envisioning outdoor weddings, Alexa is captivated by the garden tea party vibe, characterized by intimate and ethereal details. When envisioning indoor weddings, Alexa adores a classic, minimalistic black-tie event. The use of various greenery and classic white roses exudes timeless luxury, offering a sophisticated ambiance.

Her favorite wedding moment is witnessing the bride in her dress for the first time, a powerful experience that never fails to bring tears to her eyes. Alexa finds unparalleled joy in planning celebrations that symbolize the love, vulnerability, trust, and commitment shared between partners. She emphasizes the value of seasoned vendors in confirming the perfection of a wedding day. Alexa stresses the importance of investing in both the product and the experience of skilled professionals, as their knowledge and access to supporting materials are integral in tying the day together. 

Meet Coral, the visionary at the heart of our content team! Fluent in Spanish, Coral is about to attend the University of North Florida for Graphic Design & Digital Media. She takes immense pride in her creativity, strength, and selflessness, values instilled through her family. Coral's style blends neutrals, comfort, and fall-inspired vibes!

When it comes to weddings, she leans towards an outdoor event, expressing her love for a garden or museum-centered celebration. Focusing on capturing unforgettable content, Coral particularly loves to honor the decor and aesthetic of the bride! In her role at Lulu Events, Coral loves providing couples the opportunity to relive their wedding joyfully, aiming to dispel the misconception that drama dominates weddings. Coral brings a unique and renewed perspective to content creation and emphasizes the importance of being friendly, empathetic, and social in her dual role involving social media and wedding assistance.

Coral advises engaged couples to savor the journey, reminding them that wedding planning celebrates the future of love. Encouraging couples to enjoy the process with their partners, she believes it doesn't have to be stressful or rushed. Your wedding and the days leading up to it deserve to be cherished!

If you’ve met her, you absolutely love her! Fluent in Portuguese, Aline prides herself in fast communication, a tenacious desire for personal and professional development, and indisputable loyalty. Notably, Aline isn't just a valuable addition to Lulu Events; she is a past Lulu Events bride who loved her experience so much that she decided to join our team! Aline and her loving husband, Tyler, are welcoming the newest addition to their family in March of 2024! Aline embodies a positive attitude and the bubbliest personality, making her an undeniable asset to our team.

When envisioning weddings, she gravitates towards the charm of indoor settings, expressing her love for pops of color while keeping a minimalist heart. Aline loves the heartfelt family speeches during weddings and finds fulfillment in bringing joy to others. Aline dispels the misconception that wedding planning has to be stressful and, drawing from her own experience, advises engaged couples to prioritize their happiness above all else. Her unique journey from a satisfied bride to a dedicated team member highlights her connection with bringing dream weddings to life!

Click her photo to view some highlights from her wedding day!

Meet Faryn, a creative Virgo fluent in both English and French! Faryn takes immense pride in capturing and perfecting special moments of the wedding day through her creative lens in content design! Faryn believes that the best wedding content is captured in new and exciting ways, reinventing the status quo with the intention of making every wedding's content exceptional! Faryn finds fulfillment in her role by fostering communication, capturing the perfect shots, and providing a sense of ease to the day.

Faryn's eclectic, retro, and preppy style mirrors her dynamic personality, allowing her to adapt to any day's vibe. Her dream wedding is described as sleek and classic, adorned with black and white aesthetics, reflecting her timeless taste. Faryn eagerly anticipates when the bride and groom's parents hit the dance floor!

Faryn feels that a stress-free day allowing the couple to enjoy each other's company is the true essence of a memorable wedding. Her advice to engaged couples centers on choosing a planner with whom they feel comfortable, emphasizing the importance of a strong connection for the many intimate moments that make up a wedding day.

Charlotte brings an exceptional, diverse blend of qualities to our team! Her patience, creativity, and empathy nurtured through the arts are the cornerstones of her character. Charlotte's style is effortlessly casual, a "t-shirt and shorts" lover with a soft spot for casual boho and sunny neutrals, embodying a laid-back yet chic vibe. When envisioning weddings, she leans towards the allure of outdoor garden settings, visualizing a grown-up tea party with a touch of simplicity and elegance.

Addressing a common misconception, Charlotte believes that weddings on any budget can achieve the couple's desired vision. Charlotte emphasizes the importance of focusing on what a couple envisions for their wedding, stressing the value of celebrating the day in a way that resonates with their desires rather than succumbing to external expectations.

In her role at Lulu Events, Charlotte finds fulfillment in showcasing the team's accomplishments and curating galleries featuring the diverse range of couples and styles our planners bring to life. Charlotte excels in her role with essential characteristics like originality, self-starting independence, and effective communication.

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 My daughter and her groom had the wedding of their dreams that day. They were able to thoroughly enjoy the day with so much help and planning from Vicki. Vicki is a total Rock Star!

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